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Glittery Relax Bottle

on July 30, 2012

Like I said a few posts ago, we love glitter in this house! We also like getting angry & upset really easily at times. When I came across this post I knew this would be such a great idea! The birdies and I spent the afternoon making and decorating their own “relax bottle”… And I know it will be a great tool in the future. Here are some directions:


Clean off two water bottles and then fill it up with warm water.


Dump an entire little bottle of glitter glue in it. Then empty a little tube of glitter as well. I also added some extra tacky glue.


Make sure you shake it up really well the whole time you are making it, otherwise it forms some clumps.

Next I glued the lid on… I’d hate for that to spill anywhere!


That is what it looks like settled. I explained to them, “When you’re about to get angry, shake up the bottle really really well and quietly watch it all separate. As the glitter separates and settles, let it calm you down. When it’s settled completely, then you can talk.” Seems like it will work. We’ll have to see. If it doesn’t, it’ll just be a cool like toy.



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